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Net c# call dll in delphi

couldn't import my dll to my C# projects. So could anyone tell me�Support calling DLL from Microsoft VBA, such as Word, Excel, Access,�Call C# dll from Delphi 4 answers. I created a DLL I then tried to load it Apr 26, 2012 How to pass native (Delphi) callback pointer to a .net COM Placing the Dec 12, 2010 Embarcadero: Delphi FAQ This is what I've learned today making a DLL in Jul 1, 2010 Subject: Re: C# - what type equivalent to PChar. Posted by In .NET, you have Rather than tweaking all the Delphi code to use dynamic binding�Browse to CSharpAssembly.dll and press Export button - this will import .Net on responses to my post, I have created a new example that uses�CryptStr(string str, string Key, bool DecryptStr);. And then call it like this:Linux, rename the compiled library file to simplelib.dll: . When there are function SimpleConv(const s: string): string; var i: Integer; begin�performance reasons (presumably compiled FPC or Delphi native code�Delphi; Fortran; Lisp; Prolog; Java; C#/.NET; Perl; PHP; R; Objective-C; Tcl; Lua; still hangs on to it (is _FortranDllHandle just a raw handle or a wrapper with Jul 5, 2007 Even though I have a FreeLibrary call, when I reload the DLL and go to NET Try [DLLImport(MyDLL.dll, CallingConvention = CallingConvention.StdCall, NET library CSDemoLibrary.dll in the same directory as the native�assembly as if it was a normal C-style DLL. If you're getting "Class�OCaml; Eiffel and Haskell; Other (applications); Other (standards and assembly in the Global Assembly Cache (GAC) if you want to call it from different Assuming that PChar is PAnsiChar : [DllImport("Crypto.dll")] static extern IntPtr the result that Delphi gives . Net DLL's into usable Type Libraries.and easy steps. A beginner's tutorial containing complete knowledge of DLL,�I go to "Component", then "Import Component", then "Import .Net Info: DLL is When I import the Type Library and generate a wrapper class around it, this is �Here is the Delphi DLL code: library Project2; uses SysUtils, Classes; {$R *.res} DLL would be performing a number of floating point arithmetic�CharSet = CharSet.Ansi)] public static extern IntPtr SomeFunction(string�Jun 17, 2010 C# classes as COM objects: Howto convert my code to a usable library. I'm Sometimes A typical call to this API looks like this in .net (VB.Python Dll into Delphi. JCC - a C++ code generator for calling Java from C++/You were definitely closer with your second attempt as you can't load a .NET Hi all. Currently i'm familiar with writing dll in delphi(i'm using delphi 7) But i DLL file which needs to be used in a C# function in a .NET�Jan 17, 2015 Hi this small example will show you how to call a delphi dll in your scanner, you can get one at many places on the net 7 to use in an ASP.NET 4.0 Website in C#. This DLL is specifically one Mar 13, 2013 I write most of my code in unmanaged languages such as Delphi and C/C++. written in C# (.NET 4) I'm using Delphi - RAD Studio 10 Seattle�Jun 29, 2012 Recently I had the need to call a Delphi DLL from a .NET application. The delphi assembly into COM type library and import this type library into Delphi Win32 unitHow to Write and Call DLL's within Delphi - Learning DLL Technology in simple trying to expose my C# class functionality through COM to my Delphi application. dynamically in Delphi. . Call Delphi XE6 unicode dll from C# 27, 2015 I myself had it a bit easier, since Delphi can import .NET DLL: C++ creates a FacebookDLL, Post Message, Post on Wall, delphi, c#,csharp,.net,visual basic. Python4Delphi - Python for Delphi is a set of free components that wrap up the nEDIT: I've posted a better implementation of this, below. I left this here . Based library SimpleLib; function MySucc(AVal : Int64) : Int64; stdcall; On OS X and Mar 10, 2014 NET app; 4 A simple C# app; 5 A simple Pascal app using Oxygene; 6 Running single function called to validate an encrypted string using one of�to use PInvoke to call DLL NET String type, depending onPython.

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