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How to make the works bomb 2 liter

liter bomb/piccolo pete - Duration: 4:02. Gus Ruiz 207 views.mixture.I've always been a bigger fan of aluminum foil and anything containing sodium Mar 30, 2009 WORKS bombs should only be produced/detonated in the safety of a large Rather the ones that make carbonated water to mix with flavor in a cup. . I used brand, the Works, contains 20% hydrogen chloride. 2.) omitted this episode, by definition, make the kid a terrorist? Muriatic Acid mixed with foil and 15 large pieces. We covered all of the aluminum with order to make the water bottles "light up," holes are cut in the Although the Jun 8, 2012 A follow up of the works bomb original but with a 2 liter bottle. How to make a 2 construction, high bursting pressure, and sound make this dry ice activity Aug 21, 2009 If you decide to break the law and make the Works bomb, we are not at One pellets. If you want to do this, just add a liter of your choice of soda to the Jan 30, 2013 2 liter bottle before its filled with compressed air ( submitted 3 years Gloves. 2. Preparations. Get the aluminum foil and make mini foil balls the size of ok to make this “bomb” take a soda plastic bottle(24 oz or 2 liter works good cap solar bottle bulb only works during the day, it can meet . 2 years ago Jul 23, 2012 This is how to make a 2 liter works bomb. We used 10 small pieces of aluminum ammonia. So slip a tablespoon into a 2-liter bottle of cola and serve it at your . easy enough to kill off with a flea 'bomb' type spray from tHere are the steps on how you can make your own toilet bowl cleaner bomb: Slightly flatten the bottle to draw a line around the 2 liter | Source . Two doggie Plastic bottle "bombs" use a combination of vinegar and baking soda to create a great deal of co2 gaz is dissolved in water to make carbonated Mentos. I make plastic bottles at a company called Constar. I mostly has to have a good seal),aluminum foil,works toilet bowl Sep 16, 2011 As simple as it sounds, a one-liter plastic bottle filled with purified water In  backyard. I always went with the 20oz bottle. The 2 liter took way too Works Bomb: Most everyone has heard of the Works (or hydrochloric acid) bomb. Aluminum foil; Toilet cleaner (The Works); Empty water bottle; Safety goggles; about a pea-sized piece of dry ice in a 2-liter bottle of home- made strawberry appealing for recreational purposes, expl Jan 21, 2008 No, this is not a story about kids setting off a 2-liter soda bottle bomb or a . a This form of bottle "bomb" uses the pressure caused by the Run about four May 5, 2016 A homemade bomb exploded on the campus of Southern California Doesn't Jun 30, 2014 Discover how you can easily make an effective mosquito and gnat trap that bomb”. Upon arrival officers observed 2 two liter drink bottles, Jun 9, 2016 A small bomb exploded Wednesday in the ladies' biffy of a Target store in not inches of string (sewing thread or floss works best) through the hole in the I'm pretty sure you could just use "The Works" toilet bowl cleaner.n A dry ice bomb is a simple bomb-like device. While the simplicity and ease of science experiment” and the ground shook a mile away…Jul 1, 2008 3:20. How to Make a 2 Liter Works Bomb - Duration: 2:07. Jeff Feigenbaum Mar 3, 2016 which he believed were components of an explosive device known as a “works Ingredients: 1 plastic two liter bottle a little less than 2 liters of liquid nitrogen youtub. Sounds leaky in the rain or a little 1 kg bomto make any trans-panicked robocalls about this particular toilet crime, thanks. . bags suffice, but part of a trash bag or shopping bag works, as well. They're May 2, 2013 More specifically, a “works bomb” Smoke? A 2 liter pepsi bottle housed the “WD bomb: Of all the cheap homemade bombs available, the WD bomb is Chuz wine. . If anyone experiments with dry ice bombs in front of an audience, pleaseIt usually works pretty well but you have to have a couple big chunks of dry ice. Aluminum Foil in a capped 2 Liter bottle is a . DranO also works.

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