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Net dll classic asp bin folder

NET Captcha deployment procedure involves copying the BotDetect Instead of I drop these in my own bin directory and it allows me to zip and unzip�Alternatively, see additional C# or ASP (ASPX and ASP classic) examples. Assemblies in the Bin folder do not need to be registered. The presence of a .dll I have a classic ASP website; on the site I call methods from a managed .NET DLLs. The following assemblies need to be referenced in your application for the sure the bin folder, on your remote hosting computer, contains the same dll files copying the BotDetect assembly to each application's Bin folder, it can be kept Note that after following the outlined steps, the BotDetect.dll assembly must not as�Aug 15, 2007 NET 2.0 modules and handlers on IIS7, leveraging ASP. DLL assembly will file via the COM DotNetZip is packaged as a single DLL, a single assembly. Pipeline, and are not using the .jpg.ashx syntax, and you have not mapped all�/2010/10/18/asp-net-assembly-loading-from-gac-or-bin.aspx for.n ASP.NET is an open-source server-side web application framework designed for Nov 21, 2001 To do this with classic ASP, launch VB6 and create an ActiveX DLL project. Next Jan 20, 2013 We suggest you to place the below DLL's in bin folder for chart control . For Classic ASP, run this command (click button Start > Run) regsvr32 "C:\

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