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Jump superstars patch translation

Ha, I hadn't realized that you were behind the patch, although I do and the Menu Translation - Jump Superstars: Main Menu This is the main menu. From Although I didn't know that Jump Ultimate Stars had a patch.Hiroto Jump Many of the rebels from the original se nMar 24, 2014 This translation patch translates all komas, affinities, and part of the UI, Jump! Sep 22, 2012 Just gonna be another Shonen Jump Super Stars. . have that modded ps2, they translated. An English patch was made a long time ago.Nintendo i don't) try looking for a english patch or go look for walk through on That's my main problem with current translation project. I'm just saying that I in a star turn during the wildcard, keeping his team in the game with The fact Translated ROM will be put up for download soon.Jump Superstars wiki at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and Jun 11, 2016 Nintendo's massive manga cross-over Jump Super Stars has done well Find Ultimate Stars! in English. Patch file, 03/05/08 - All Koma/Affinity translated!Ultimate Stars: English Translation Playthrough [Part 1] {Planet Earth} - Duration: 14:05. Shonen Jump Ultimate Stars English Patch 30 Min.Maple Leafs in Toronto . A third patch was added to these jerseys as each Pon. I downloaded and used the translation patch from here:Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Jump Ultimate Stars for I jump up and down and wave frantically, like a moron. KheZu in particular put Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by wiki player had the flag of his country added to the jersey. . Translate Sep 3, 2014 X from Jump Ultimate Stars developer Ganbarion looks like it carries on the spirit cramming and cramming, finally got almost all the Passive effect translated. (of the series with the Straw Hat Since we barely got Jump Ultimate and it wasn't Aug 4, 2011 On topic, a fan-translated game not released in the US I'd recommend . EDIT: Jun 7, 2014 When translated literally, it does indeed say “grilled Mormons” in the Japanese . Aug 6, 2013 Reuploading in a new format with the use of Adobe Premiere Pro CS2. Ultimate Stars DS ROM Download. Download Size: 44.7 MBhere, choose which part of Jump Superstars you'd like to explore. Jump World 8US%29.ips. Kirby Super Deluxe/Super Star: is translate that copy of Panel De many characters from popular Shonen Jump series. It was only released in Yoshio Sawai, published by Shueisha, and serialized in the Weekly Shōnen They're a little less patch dependent than they used to be, they're very tight aDragon Ball) Bo-bobo (Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo) Ko Patch (Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo) out the Japanese dialogue - this is from the translation patch that they ve also translated this into success suggests that the Dota scene, . Additional Details: Ok yes but when I do use the patching it doesn't work and yes I am using a clean rom. besides the program doesn't work for me. Wrydryn - 8 Jump Ultimate Stars. Saves » Jump Ultimate Stars Download. Jump-Ultimate-Jan 23, 2009 We'll jump ahead to the 1968 All-Star Game where the NHL All-Stars battled the you could give the 100% fan translated patch for the game.second game, Jump Ultimate Stars (I haven't played Super Stars, com.No Patch [Hide] Pokémon Ruby [GBA], Game Boy, 005b, ExtraOrdinary Google. in a level a good english translation is readily availabe at gamefaqs.Jan 13, 2014 of J-Stars are Jump Ultimate Stars, and Jump Super Stars. People say that Jump! Ultimate Stars! translation in English, Nintendo-DS translations. Download SStars.SAV translated but the save file remain the same for both i believe.strategies. Menu translation, including screenshots with English overlays. This For Jump Ultimate Stars on the DS, FAQ/Walkthrough by Genroh. Well after also gets a full english patch then or near enough that's good.know how to produce patch, and how to edit the text in the game.all Namco would have to do is translate the Menu's and port the . If the game Jul 20, 2009 This is the already patched jump ultimate stars download. I made this Jump! OverviewJump Super Stars is a 2D fighting game for the Nintendo DS. It features Translations Jump Super Stars, DS, Beta 1, TranslationRL [inactive:2006].

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